Pennsylvania Roots: Developing PR Strategy in a Complicated State

Pennsylvania is a big, diverse, complicated state. To successfully operate here, organizations need to be prepared to communicate effectively with a broad range of stakeholders from the biggest cities as well as the smallest towns.   While Ceisler Media and

Finding New Angles to Appeal to the Media

One of the great client projects we at Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy help promote is “Comcast Cares Day” – the largest day of corporate volunteering in the nation. It’s rewarding work. This year, more than 100,000 volunteers across the

Professional headshot of Larry Ceisler in a suit smiling.

Larry Ceisler on Starbucks’ Crisis Management Strategy

Larry Ceisler was interviewed by NBC 10 Philadelphia for his take on the recent arrest of two black men at a local Starbucks. Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy specializes in crisis management for companies and organizations who find themselves in

The Impact of Election Cycles on Issue Advocacy

We don’t represent political candidates. But that doesn’t mean we’re not intensely involved in the political process.   In truth, our business goes up during election cycles – even though we don’t work for office seekers. Instead, the issues become

Top Tips for Managing a PR Crisis

Sometimes, bad things happen to good companies. Even the best can’t always avoid a crisis – whether it’s man-made or a natural disaster. But you can make a bad situation better by taking the right steps. That’s where I come