Hands sit on a laptop keyboard with the page open to Ceisler Media's website.

We Have a Brand New Look – Here’s How We Did It

If you are a friend of Ceisler Media, you may have noticed our sleek new logo and website design. We help our clients build their reputations and maintain their images, but rebranding ourselves was different. As a communications firm, our

Communicating the Merger

When two companies merge, or one is acquired by another, the immediate reaction from many stakeholders is trepidation. Employees may fear for their jobs or benefits. Stockholders worry about profits. Customers wonder about the quality of the product. At Ceisler

In Defense of Alex Trebek

Television critics can be a tough bunch. But they’re no match for Pennsylvania politicos. That’s the lesson Alex Trebek learned after the “Jeopardy!” game show host moderated a live gubernatorial debate between incumbent Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf and his Republican

From Intern to Employee

Every intern’s dreaded task is getting coffee. And it’s not just getting coffee – it’s remembering many precise orders that you somehow elude your memory. You’re left there thinking, “A college education leaving me in debt and all I have

Our Team’s Top Takeaways from #FacebookCommunityBoost

For those of us that work in social media, the learning process never ends. That’s why we were excited when the team at Facebook announced that they were stopping in Pittsburgh on their Community Boost Tour. We got to hear