How to navigate a new workplace: Lessons from my first year at Ceisler Media 

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In December 2023, I celebrated my first year as a full-time team member at Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy. Before joining full time, I worked as a part-time Media Operations Associate, which was a great opportunity to familiarize myself with our company and exactly what we do here. 

I learned a lot in one year at Ceisler Media, and working with this best-in-class team has made me a better professional. 

Here are the three best things I learned that apply to anyone starting in a new workplace.

Lean on your peers 

At Ceisler Media, I’m lucky to work closely with colleagues who are similar in age and position to me. Fostering a good, strong relationship with your peer group will pay dividends. Not only can they show you the ropes where’s the best lunch and coffee spot? How do I get the printer and copier to work?they can also be sounding boards for your great, good, and “needs more work” ideas.  

Take your time and ask lots of questions 

Throughout your career, you’ve probably heard someone say, “We’d rather have this done right, than have it done quickly.” But what happens when you need something done correctly and quickly?

At Ceisler Media, I’ve learned how important it is to ask questions so you’re clear on expectations and timelines when faced with tight turnarounds. What exactly do we need to deliver and when? How can we work together as a team to meet the deadline and deliver an excellent product?

Don’t forget that we’re all in this together and it’s important to take time and make sure your team is aligned for the best chance at success. 

Be creative and trust yourself 

PR and issue advocacy work takes A LOT of creativity. Our teams are constantly brainstorming new ways to approach the work we do for our clients to achieve success. One of my favorite things about working at Ceisler Media is our willingness to workshop ideas and try new things. 

As the media landscape changes – it demands that we do, too. The best ideas come from digging into your creativity and expertise. No idea is a bad idea; it may just need more work. Don’t be afraid to share with your teammates, because we’re all in this together!

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Stephanie Brooks is an Account Manager at Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy, based in our Philadelphia office.

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