Ceisler Media Promotes Five

Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy is proud to announce promotions for five of our valued staff members:


Courtney Accurti and Drew Murren become Directors in Harrisburg.


Melissa Sherman Kozlowski is now Media Operations Executive, where she will coordinate efforts to ensure our clients stay abreast of current events and speaking engagements in their industries.


Rebecca Patterson gains the title of Account Executive in Harrisburg.


Sam Gorodetzer is now an Account Manager in Philadelphia.


In addition, Special Projects Manager Larry Miller will be joining our Media Operations Team as an advisor, bringing his expertise in journalism and local government to help grow our media services.


“I’m proud of how our team has performed for our clients during a very difficult time,” said Founder Larry Ceisler, “and also how we’ve worked together through the challenges. These promotions are one way of recognizing some of the people who have put forth such great efforts.”

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