Ceisler Digital Team Adds a New Member, Evolves

At Ceisler, we’re committed to continual growth and learning in service of our clients. Already, 2021 is starting off as a year of renewal and restructuring. And today, we’re excited to share key changes to our digital and creative services team.


First, we’ve added a new Digital Associate to our lineup. Sharky Thomas joined our team this month and brings with her diverse experience in the public relations, startup, and nonprofit sectors. We are thrilled to have Sharky at Ceisler, where she’ll be working on client and operations projects.


Second, like the firm overall, the digital team has changed our structure to better reflect our work and align with the traditional communications side of the house.


With the latter change, Will Jara and Julia Wolf – the creative powerhouses in our Philadelphia office – are now Creative Managers. As versatile and skilled creative professionals, Will and Julia do so much more than produce multimedia content for our firm and our clients. Together they support a wide range of creative services – from branding design to email marketing to website creation. Their new titles reflect the breadth of their roles.


In addition, Rebecca Patterson in our Harrisburg office is now a Digital Associate. Like our creative duo, Rebecca’s new title reflects the evolution of the firm’s digital work. Once a niche service offering, our digital and creative servicesdigital and creative services, and staff are now an integral part of our client communication plans and teams. As a Digital Associate, Rebecca will continue to support our clients’ digital strategy, content, and marketing needs.


Together, these changes represent Ceisler’s continued commitment to providing our clients skilled digital and creative support. We’re looking forward to working with you.

Krystal Bonner is the Vice President, Digital & Creative Services in our Philadelphia Office.

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