Valuable Media “Follows” That Make Us Better at Our Jobs

We asked members of the Ceisler Media team to cite sources they read, listen to or follow for work. Here are some of their favorites.

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We asked members of the Ceisler Media team to cite valuable media sources they read, listen to or follow to better do their job. Here’s a sampling that should keep you busy for a while:

Larry Ceisler, Founder: “I read Michael Smerconish’s daily newsletter. His ability to pick out interesting and relevant clips from sources around the world gets me off to a great start in the morning. It’s a terrific mix of news, culture, sports and everything else going on these days.”

Alison Burdo, Senior Account Executive: “I regularly consume Nieman Lab’s columns and analysis of news media’s evolution in the Internet age. Nieman Lab is a part of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University. It introduces readers to the new tools being used by outlets, as well newsrooms’ efforts to better reach audiences, and provides a thoughtful and even-handed evaluation of their success.” 

Larry Miller, Special Projects Manager: “The Philadelphia City Council website is the best way to keep on top of what our local representatives are doing and why. And following those representatives on Twitter is a great way to know what they are really thinking and why.”

Krystal Bonner, Vice President, Digital & Creative Services: “Matt Navarra’s weekly Geekout Newsletter for social media managers covers all things social media—industry news, product updates, and useful tools. It’s a must-read for anyone working in social.” 

Anthony Campisi, Special Projects Director: “I read John Micek’s Morning Coffee from the Pennsylvania Capital-Star religiously. It gives a wonderful overview of political news at every level of government in Pennsylvania. And Matt Friedman’s New Jersey Playbook in Politico does the same thing in Trenton each morning.”
Courtney Accurti, Senior Account Executive: “My favorite podcast, Brené Brown’s Unlocking Us, dives into issues and conversations that have helped me learn and grow personally and professionally. She tackles informative topics that help listeners challenge what we think we know about ourselves, others and the world. The episodes explore issues tapping into our human vulnerability to strengthen connections and encourage meaningful participation.”
Drew Murren, Senior Account Executive: “Jay Rosen, an NYU journalism professor, is a great follow on Twitter. He writes long threads about the ways in which old media paradigms for covering politics no longer work in our current era (with Trump being a prime example) and ways in which reporters and media outlets need to evolve in order to serve their core purpose of bringing truth to the public.”

Elise Corbett, Director: “Every day I read two newsletters to make sure I have my news covered—theSkimm for national matters, and Billy Penn for local matters. I especially love Billy Penn’s newsletter because they curate and promote stories from other local outlets, not just their own.

Caitlin O’Connor, Director: “Pew Research Center’s daily Journalism and Media briefing provide an overview of the major national and international news stories. Most pertain to media ethics, misinformation, the role of the press as the fourth estate and how social media is impacting journalism. The newsletter links you directly to the news stories, many of which are featured in mainstream media outlets – but ones that may be overlooked.”

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