Pennsylvania Roots: Developing PR Strategy in a Complicated State

Pennsylvania is a big, diverse, complicated state. To successfully operate here, organizations need to be prepared to communicate effectively with a broad range of stakeholders from the biggest cities as well as the smallest towns.


While Ceisler Media and Issue Advocacy has its roots and its largest presence in Philadelphia, we are truly a statewide firm – and we have you covered from Erie to Philadelphia, from Pittsburgh to Scranton, and everywhere in between.


With offices in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh in addition to the home office in Philadelphia, Ceisler Media is poised to help organizations influence the debate at all levels. Our Harrisburg office is staffed by people with a wide range of experience in state and local government, including backgrounds in the General Assembly, state agencies and statewide non-profits. We have the skills and experience to assist clients with legislative testimony, the appropriations process, regulatory actions and anything else occurring under that green dome in Harrisburg. We also maintain excellent relationships with the Capitol press corps to ensure that clients’ messages make it out of Harrisburg to reach stakeholders and influencers across the Commonwealth.


Our three offices work collaboratively to make certain that clients whose concerns reach across the state have access to a combination of localized and statewide expertise. From our Harrisburg office, Managing Director Kurt Knaus leads statewide teams for clients in sectors including healthcare, energy, retail and non-profits.


A team of Ceisler Media people from across the state represent Walmart – working to ensure that the giant retailer’s message is always delivered effectively, whether it’s a statewide initiative or an event at a local store. Our team includes Senior Associate Michael Rodriguez, also based in Harrisburg, as well as Director Kate Wilhelm in Eastern PA, and Special Projects Manager Keegan Gibson and Senior Associate Caitlin O’Connor, both in Western PA.


Associate Courtney Accurti manages community relations for Nestle Waters, a multinational beverage company that also has to deal with hyper-localized issues. Courtney has traveled to small towns all the state to facilitate dialogue between the client and the leaders and residents of the small towns from which they source the water used in their products.


And I work with the state office of a healthcare organization in Harrisburg, as well as its statewide affiliates and associated partner organizations to organize and promote events across the Commonwealth. Recently, I coordinated concurrent events in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, preparing remarks, handling logistics, and doing media outreach in all three markets in coordination with the client and several of its partners.


Ceisler Media’s commitment to effective statewide collaboration isn’t limited to our own staff. We routinely work hand-in-glove with our clients’ attorneys, lobbyists and internal staff to ensure a seamless and efficient approach to our clients’ overarching needs. Whatever your needs may be, Ceisler Media stands ready to serve as the keystone of your Pennsylvania strategy.

Drew Murren, Associate



Drew Murren is an Associate in Ceisler Media’s Harrisburg office.

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