Meet our Summer Interns ☀️

Name: Maryah E. Burney

University: Pennsylvania State University


Major: Digital and Print Journalism with minors in Sociology and Digital Media Trends and Analytics


Summary: My name is Maryah E. Burney and I’m a rising junior at Pennsylvania State University where I’m currently studying digital and print journalism with minors in sociology and digital media trends and analytics. I’m from Harrisburg, PA and I’m enthused and honored to be an intern this summer.


What drew you to Ceisler Media?: I have a background in community organizing and advocacy so I was looking for opportunities where I could bring that background and combine it with my love for media and people. I also used to walk by the Ceisler office in downtown Harrisburg all the time when I was in high school so being an intern here has been a beautiful, full-circle experience!


What’s been your favorite class to date and why?: Every semester I have a new all-time favorite class but if I had to pick one, I’d say Mass Communications Law. The class encouraged me to look at how impactful media is in every part of life and also how important the voices of people are.


What issues are you most excited to work on?: I’m excited to be working on issues related to the advancement of underrepresented minorities, the workforce and education.


What are your plans post-grad?: This answer changes every week but either law school, graduate school to pursue a degree in journalism or straight to the workforce.


Favorite Snack Food: Kettle Corn


Guilty Pleasure TV Show: Insecure


Song Stuck in your Head: Good Days by SZA


Person of the Moment: Telfar Clemens


A hobby you picked up in quarantine: Baking and making bread! During the lockdown, it was one of the only ways I was able to connect with my neighbors and community!


Last book you read: Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin


Three words to describe you: Enthusiastic, Effervescent, Dedicated

Name: Makenna Lukens

University: La Salle University


Major: Communication and American Studies


Summary: The only thing I enjoy more than writing is talking, and I take every opportunity to do both. When I’m not begging those around me to debate politics, social issues, and reality competition series, I’m making floral arrangements or doing a barre workout. My favorite season of the year is Supreme Court decision season.


What’s been your favorite class to date, and why?: ​Film and the Law and The Impact of 20th Century Music on American Culture, Values, and Identity. The Film and the Law class challenged me to think critically about the state of the American criminal justice system in comparison to its portrayal in classic legal films. The music class examined how the civil rights movement manifested into protest music across various genres.


What drew you to Ceisler Media?: ​I value social consciousness. I knew I wanted to intern for a company that values this, too. The Ceisler team demonstrates its commitment to global awareness through our clients, the platforms they champion, and our collective passion for advocacy. I admire how Ceisler’s work emphasizes this passion.


What issue are you most excited to work on?: Working with some of our education and child welfare clients has been meaningful to me. I also love a research project of any kind, but especially one that requires me to find the intersection of various industries and issues.


What are your plans post-grad?: Hopefully, I’ll still be in public advocacy/affairs in Philadelphia upon my graduation from La Salle this December.


Favorite Snack Food: Hummus


Guilty Pleasure TV Show: Dancing with the Stars


Song stuck in your head: Hot Stuff by Donna Summer (the Kygo remix)


Person of the moment: Dr. Kathrin Jansen and Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett


A hobby you picked up in quarantine: Barre workouts!


Last book you read: Untamed by Glennon Doyle


Three words to describe you: Curious, spirited, and clumsy

Name: Joey George

University: West Virginia University

Major: Political Science and Communication Studies


Summary: My name is Joey Georgy, I am an upcoming senior at West Virginia University (Go Mountaineers!) studying political science and communications. I have been with Ceisler for just over a year and have previously interned on various political campaigns and on Capitol Hill.


What’s been your favorite class to date, and why?: My favorite class to date is Intro to Public Relations. My German professor worked for a PR agency in Berlin for many years and had an interesting perspective on daily life at a firm. His class prepared me for what to expect when joining Ceisler and for my future career in general.


What drew you to Ceisler Media?: Ceisler has an incredibly diverse client portfolio, making the firm a great place to learn about a multitude of industries and communications best practices. After perusing Ceisler’s website and reading their case studies, I knew I needed to apply.


What issue(s) are you most excited to work on?: Being a political junkie, I have most enjoyed and look forward to working on issues related to voting, advocacy, and city council.


What are your plans post-grad?: Following graduation, I hope to return to Capitol Hill to work in a congressional office. I would love to work in a West Virginian’s office which would enable me to serve the wonderful people of my home state.


Favorite Snack Food: Hummus and pita


Guilty Pleasure TV Show: Pawn Stars


Song stuck in your head: Ramble On – Led Zeppelin


Person of the moment: Since it’s NBA playoffs season and to ruffle some Philly feathers, my person of the moment is Trae Young. He has been sensational, and I hope to see him dancing in the finals.


A hobby you picked up in quarantine: During quarantine, I, along with thousands of others, fell in love with the sport of Golf. What is most intriguing is that you are in constant competition with yourself, managing frustrations and trying to stay consistent – two skills valuable off the green.


Last book you read: Merchants of Truth by Jill Abramson, former executive editor at The New York Times. The book follows emergent outlets BuzzFeed and Vice News as they dominate the digital environment, and the “old guard” publications The New York Times and Washington Post as they struggle to transition.


Three words to describe you: Curious, Determined, Realist

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