Dear Mr. President, May I Have a Word Please?

Ceisler Media Special Projects Manager Larry Miller wishes Joe Biden well, and also offers a little advice to the 46th President.

To use an old cliché Mr. Biden; third time is the charm.


You ran for the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee in 1988 and again in 2008. This time you’ll be our nation’s 46th Chief Executive. You weren’t the candidate I hoped would be nominated, but that’s history.


I congratulate you.


As an extra added caveat, the Democratic Party is in control – narrowly – of both Houses of Congress. Now, progressive and liberal Americans are impressed with that. I am not.


Why? Because the Democrats had control of both Houses of Congress during President Obama’s first term. Poverty in our poorest neighborhoods didn’t drop significantly, the minimum wage wasn’t increased. Our inner-city public schools continue to suffer from inadequate funding and violent crime in those poorest communities remains a persistent and pernicious problem.


But I’ve been reading your social media posts and it seems like you’re placing the needs of a recovering America first. It’s early in your first term and, of course, we’ll see what happens. But if you mean what you say, that goes a long way with me.


I am neither progressive nor liberal. I’m not even sure what the difference is. I am, however, a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party and an American citizen. I’m also a patriot and that’s not a dirty word. It means I care deeply about our nation, its people, our hard-fought and hard-won freedoms, and the solidity of our republic.


I guess that makes you a patriot too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be the new president, which let’s face it, is the hardest job in the country. I don’t envy you this job. You’ve got your hands full going into office, but truthfully, so has every other man elected to the presidency. When a woman is elected president, she’ll have her hands full too.


Few newly elected chief executives have faced the problems and challenges that you are, President Biden. Certainly, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt had to lead our nation through very troubling times. Neither of them had to deal with the implications of the illegal actions of deluded men and women breaking into the Capitol and disrupting the proper proceedings of the transfer of political authority. The 1918 Flu Pandemic hit our nation hard but the medical and technological resources available now didn’t exist back then, so you’ve got a considerable advantage Woodrow Wilson didn’t have.


Mr. President, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown the spotlight on poverty and the other issues I mentioned. I guess something good came out of the pandemic after all because there appears to be an impetus to finally confront and address these problems.


We shall see what happens over the next four years.

Well, I’ve had my say, President Biden. I hope, I truly and sincerely pray you prove to be worthy of the Oval Office and show us strong, just, fair, and, above all, visionary and moral leadership.


Our nation needs those qualities demonstrated by the people we elect to public office. I think you have those attributes, sir. Not all of our representatives do. Please, for America’s sake President Biden, please be more than just talk.


Please President Biden, for America’s sake, be more than just talk.

Larry Miller is a Special Projects Manager in Ceisler Media’s Philadelphia Office.

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