Ceisler’s Culture Creates a Positive Experience for Interns – Even When Working Remotely

Interns Hannah and Maya work remotely, smiling from behind a laptop in their homes
Hannah Blank (L) and Maya Williams (R)

Starting a new internship can be daunting. What do I wear? Who will I meet? What if I cannot complete a task on time?


Starting a new internship amidst a pandemic is even more daunting. Will the remote desktop work? What if my computer crashes? Luckily, the commute is quick and easy, just a few steps to the desk. And, while we haven’t met most of the Ceisler Media staff other than on Zoom calls, everyone has made us feel welcomed and comfortable.


Remote work at a Public Relations firm may look different than in person

Our time at Ceisler Media has taught us how to manage remotely, balancing independent work with the importance of being part of a team.


Every day is different at Ceisler. Our days “at the office” (in other words – “home”), began with sending the intern coordinators a check-in email. We would then independently complete our tasks of collecting news clips and doing research projects for clients, creating media lists, writing blog and social media posts, and occasionally attending meetings and writing memos to share firm-wide. Throughout the day, we used various platforms to communicate with team members, then submitted our work at the end of our shift.


Interaction is valuable

Everyone’s lives have been altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, and as fourth-year students at the active campus of Temple University, we had to adjust to the isolation of working from home. Social interaction is at an all-time low, but the environment at Ceisler helps to add some fuel to the social gas tank.


Through collaborative tools like Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams we were able to easily connect with team members. Weekly check-ins with our intern coordinators helped us feel like we were part of the team and get to know each other on a more personal level.


Flexibility is key

During our time at Ceisler, we were fortunate enough to experience the election. Some of our tasks included calling politicians’ offices and recording information regarding the election. While every Ceisler associate had multiple responsibilities and clients to handle, we watched in awe as the entire firm worked together to cover time-sensitive election news.


As interns, we also found ourselves responsible for being flexible with our work. With our work being done independently from home, we had to learn to prioritize certain clients and deadlines, especially when it came to the election.


Skills beyond the classroom

As college students, we have learned extensive research and analytical skills. Interning at Ceisler allowed us to apply these skills in the real world. Six-page papers turned into concise, organized, and informative reports. Quick moving and broad skimming turned into detailed reading, then weeding through to find relevant information.


While we value our experiences as students, there is no comparison to professional, real-life opportunities. Learning to communicate on a professional level is a key takeaway from our internship at Ceisler.



Overall, our time at Ceisler Media was an unforgettable experience. The company’s culture was welcoming, transparent, and progressive. We will take the new skills we have learned at Ceisler with us in our future

Maya Williams and Hannah Blank are both Temple University seniors who just completed their internships at Ceisler Media. Maya, from Suffern, N.Y., is a sociology major. Hannah, from Fort Washington, PA, is majoring in public relations with a minor in advertising.

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