Ceisler Media Starts Fall 2022 With Four New Full-Timers

Youssef Georgy, Keanu Ibarrondo, Jahnaya Peyton and Samra Smajlovic make great additions to our team.

A collage of four new Ceisler Media employees from Fall 2023

Summer 2022 was exceptionally busy at Ceisler Media. In addition to undertaking work to refresh our website (keep an out for a fall launch!), newsletter, and social media (follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn), we welcomed a new batch of seasonal interns and onboarded more full-time staffers in Philly and Pittsburgh.


In keeping with a growth period that started during the pandemic, our needs as a firm — and the needs of our clients — have grown and evolved, we’ve added four new full-time employees to our team.


Get to know them and the expertise they bring to our firm.


Youssef Georgy, Associate

New to our full-time staff but part of the Ceisler team since his intern days while at West Virginia University, Youssef (you might also know him as Joey) work with clients ranging from nonprofit food banks to Fortune 500 energy companies to help monitor key issues, pitch story ideas and develop social media content.


Now that he’s established full-time in the Pittsburgh office, Joey is looking forward to getting to know even more of the staff and becoming integrated into more client teams.


Keanu Ibarrondo, Creative Manager

Following three years in the nonprofit sector, Keanu joined Ceisler Media in June 2022. His breadth of experience includes social media and community management, graphic design, video and branding — all skills he honed during his undergrad days at Rutgers University, where he earned his B.A. in graphic design.


Keanu works with a multitude of clients to deliver print and digital graphics, videos, website and more. He’s also currently hard at work refreshing the Ceisler Media website, which will re-launch later this fall.


Jahnaya Peyton, Social Media Associate

Degrees in public relations and advertising set Jahnaya up for success as Ceisler’s newest social media associate. The recent Rowan University graduate led community engagement for the school’s support network for students with children.


Jahnaya handles everything from social media strategy and paid campaign proposals, set-up, and tracking to thorough account audits that help clients identify how to elevate their messages on social media.


Samra Smajlovic, Creative Manager

Samra joined the firm in June 2022, fresh out of Temple University where she earned a B.A. in advertising and worked at a student-run agency. Samra creates digital graphics and print marketing materials; builds and refines presentation decks; and sets up and helps maintain client websites.


She’s also leading the effort on the revamped Ceisler Media newsletter and helping migrate our firm’s website from Wix to WordPress.

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