PRWT Service Inc./ U.S. Facilities


Since 2004, PRWT/US Facilities has expertly managed three large city buildings – the Municipal Services Building, the Criminal Justice Center and 1 Parkway at 15th and Arch. PRWT is Philadelphia’s largest African-American-owned company. 

In 2017, city officials suddenly moved toward taking away those management contracts and awarding them to a firm with connections to some of Philadelphia’s political leaders.

PRWT called upon Ceisler Media and Issue Advocacy to help raise the company’s public profile and show the excellent work it does. And we were asked to work with their team to prepare a strategy enabling renewal of the building management contracts.


For a large company, PRWT was little known by the general public. So the team at Ceisler Media prepared a plan to increase its visibility.  We used traditional and social media to promote the company’s reputation and bolster its case for renewing the contract.  

Central to this was a campaign to enter CEO Malik Majeed into the Philadelphia Business Journal’s “Most Admired CEO” competition. Mr. Majeed was, in fact, selected for that prestigious honor in December 2017, drawing substantial positive attention.

At the same time, we began working with PRWT’s legal team to help them compete for renewal of the city contract. The theme of the campaign was simple: Why would anyone aim to remove a contractor that has done an exemplary job – especially a minority-owned company that accounts for a large share of Philadelphia’s minority business representation?

We made sure all the positive letters and articles that Ceisler Media was able to help generate on PRWT reached movers in the local political and business landscape. And we activated the company’s dormant LinkedIn account – as well as Mr. Majeed’s personal account – making them vibrant launch points to share stories and comment on news items with influential government and industry leaders.


As 2018 unfolds, PRWT/US Facilities continues to work toward continuation of its excellent relationship with the City of Philadelphia. The good work the company does has been spotlighted through Ceisler Media’s campaign, and the opportunity for contract renewal looks promising.