Philadelphia Children's Alliance


The Philadelphia Children’s Alliance (PCA), located in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia, is a full-service facility providing help for sexually abused children. It comprises medical and police professionals, caseworkers, victim’s service advocates, mental health experts – all working together to limit the number of times a victimized child must tell his or her story.

The PCA hired Ceisler Media and Issue Advocacy in 2014, at the time it established an onsite medical suite so that children brought there for services would not have to leave to go to the hospital. Our shared goal was to raise awareness for the issue of child sexual abuse and, specifically, the excellent work done at the PCA.


To accomplish this goal among lawmakers, Ceisler designed a public event – an annual legislators’ breakfast. Officials ranging from the governor to local council people are invited to tour the facility, meet the experts and hear a few words on the government support that’s needed to continue the work.

In tandem with that, we created an annual corporate breakfast for donors. And we helped the PCA grow its yearly gala, the Bear Affair, for which we garner media coverage.

When national or local stories on the issue of child sexual abuse hit the headlines, Ceisler Media works as a liaison between media and PCA leaders to make sure their message becomes part of the story.

In 2017, three members of the Philadelphia Eagles (Nick Foles, Trey Burton and Jordan Hicks) together donated $50,000 to PCA and agreed to become part of a public fundraising campaign. Ceisler Media was tasked with creating and implementing a digital strategy that challenged Eagles fan to donate $5 to PCA in an effort to match the players’ laudable gift. We recorded a promotional video with the players to blast on social media. 

As the Eagles’ surprising season advanced toward the Super Bowl, our efforts picked up. Through our firm’s contacts, we got business leaders and elected officials to give it attention through word of mouth and social media.

After the Eagles won the championship, Super Bowl hero Trey Burton appeared on Sports Radio 94-WIP with host Glen Macnow to raise even more awareness.


Ceisler Media proudly continues its work with the PCA on many fronts to fight the problem of child sexual abuse. Ceisler assists with marketing, public relations, fundraising, advocacy, branding, profile raising and much more.