Melissa Sherman-Kozlowski professional headshot for Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy

Melissa Sherman Kozlowski

Director of Operations, Philadelphia

Melissa Sherman Kozlowski is the Director of Operations for Ceisler Media. She heads up efforts to organize and maintain data for all of our clients, executes firm sponsorships and contributions, and negotiates service contracts on behalf of Ceisler Media.  

Melissa also directs our growing Media Operations team, ensuring Ceisler Media clients stay abreast of current news, events and speaking engagements occuring in their industries.  

Before joining Ceisler Media in 2017, Melissa worked nine years in the field of client relations and customer experience. That work helps her better identify how current clients need to be viewed on digital media.  

Melissa grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs and graduated from Penn State University in 2009 with a degree in hotel, restaurant and institutional management. She currently lives in Montgomery County with her husband Sean, and young twin children.