A Glimpse Into The Workday Of A Busy Public Relations Associate

Melissa Sherman-Kozlowski pints at a computer with another staff member looking on. Both are smiling.

From intern to associate, Makenna Lukens has helped dozens of clients and learned a lot along the way.


On a busy news day, dissecting every article published locally and nationally for a client can be cumbersome (at best). Knowing which reporters are on beats related to a client’s industry saves time and energy in these moments. As I recently monitored the media for a client, diligently scanning for news of a budget proposal and the announcement of the new superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, I felt grateful to have a year of experience monitoring the media for this same client as an intern.


I joined Ceisler Media full time in 2021 after interning here for a year. Our internship program is fantastic, and I felt integrated as a valued team member by our colleagues and some of our clients, even while still in school. Working with the same internal teams and clients for a year as an intern gave me foundational knowledge and experience about our clients and the work we do on their behalf.


Our media relations and monitoring efforts form the foundation of our work. As an intern, carefully monitoring how the media reports on issues related to our clients in Philadelphia and beyond deepened my understanding of our media market and city-wide current events. Now, my familiarity with reporters and outlets comes as a second nature, allowing me to better help our clients strategize in response.


On any given day, my client work ranges from big-picture subject matter expertise to in-the-weeds tactical approaches with specific, measurable goals. Here’s a sampling from my calendar:

  • Develop coalition-building strategies to deliver broadband access to new markets

  • Work with our digital team to design a social media ad campaign to recruit educators

  • Draft and review press releases about our clients’ efforts to produce products made from 100% recycled material

  • Track legislation and draft into a memo for a client’s industry in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut

As an associate, I work with several clients on a wide range of issues — from Fortune 50 companies to local nonprofits.


I enjoy working with the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance to raise awareness around child abuse, particularly during the month of April, which is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Currently, I create social media content and help PCA promote its annual Bear Affair fundraiser taking place on May 5th at Lincoln Financial Field (you can purchase your tickets here).


Helping Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages amplify its community outreach efforts about the 2022 class of Coca-Cola Foundation scholars in Liberty’s territories is a full-circle moment for me, as I worked on this same project as an intern. Having experience pitching media on last year’s scholar class helps me lead our outreach this year with our current interns.


As my responsibilities have evolved, I feel more confident to serve our clients and produce the best quality work for them. My mentors continue to support me on different projects and strike the balance between my professional development and a commitment to excellence for the people and companies we work with.


I am thankful Ceisler Media’s stellar internship program gave me the foundation upon which I now rely as a full-time employee. I am particularly grateful for our people, the many who continue to guide and support me, and for the clients who have made the start of my career meaningful. 

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